Focus on the ultimate purpose of my professional commitment...

Consulting = assistance

I do not arbitrarily decide which solution is more applicable and/or implementable in response to a given problem. My intent and goal is to educate. Using easy explanations, I bring decision-making staff to coherent solutions and limits regarding the widest range of possible implementations. My excellent communication and synthesis skills allow me to analyse problems, assess their risks, immediate and short/long term economic impact; everything is described so that even non-technical staff with a clear view of the issues can choose the best solution..


For the company that possesses it, the heart of its production capacity lies in its structure, even the smallest. Starting from the goal of wanting to give the client certainty of service, Windstyle positions itself on the market as one company with “one rate” price lists. Thanks to its family-run nature, I can offer a 24/7 service to companies who ALWAYS require emergency assistance, providing on-site or remote assistance. ONE RATE, nothing more; at the start of the business relationship an hourly rate is set, and that is invoiced monthly, per hour or part thereof. No admin fees, no commission, no call fee or travel charge; you only pay when the technician actually works at your premises. The aim was to create a TRANSPARENT business relationship to make management easy, because it is important to know how much a given service costs, and because this is a consulting activity, my mind is my product.


The attitude of "promise first, solve later" seems to be rampant in the market. This doesn’t reflect my personal attitude. If something cannot be done, it just cannot be done. For me it is unthinkable to answer the question “can the server make coffee” with “yes, you can try”. I don’t mean to say that the treatment we offer is of the “satisfied or get your money back” variety, but if I do not achieve a goal due to faulty analysis or technical impediments, I am the first to suggest an agreeable arrangement between the parties.


The current market and today’s price comparison options provided by the spread of e-commerce has led to the narrowing of margins to the point of almost disappearing for the end-user market. My core business is consulting, not sales. If the client provides themselves with what they need, or does so on my advice, all the better. I am not interested in sales; for me it is only an integration, due to clear challenges posed by the use of assets which are not widely available to the public such as servers, special networking services or the like. Consequently, I do not apply surcharges on supplies, I re-sell them at cost; I only ask for the refund of delivery expenses and/or expenses for handling the order, nothing more. This might seem like one of the many supermarket slogans “below cost price for everyone”; you are free to think so, I can even demonstrate it, but it would be of little importance, because it would basically mean lack of trust in me.


My experience and other reasons have led me to believe that the discipline of “system administration” is a form of art. It is difficult to understand, difficult to appreciate, difficult to teach and learn. The love of a system administrator’s for his profession is what identifies the quality of his work. I am proud of my work, but I understand that success is also the result of aptitudes developed over the years. Consequently, I have a constant need to transmit my knowledge to others. I organise courses; but it’s not like school where students listen to the teacher discuss abstract concepts. My courses are personal, one-to-one, and take the form of a debate. Are you, who is already familiar with specific technical themes, interested in have something to “discuss” ? if so, head to the courses section and see you soon.


We are on the marketplace to provide a team of specialist operators, who present themselves as individuals but co-operate in an organized team to provide and maintain the highest possible level of quality. ( professional practice ) The know-all in information technology doesn’t exist ! The discipline is evolving so quickly that the only thing to do is to keep constantly up to date; to achieve tangible results it is necessary to specialize in specific sectors which taken individually may lack appeal, but when inserted into a multidisciplinary group make its operating strength. For this reason the commitment is also geared to searching for and recruiting the best specialists the market has to offer. WINDSTYLE proposes itself, whilst contemporarily seeking candidates, continuously and over time, to cooperate, create and manage professional working groups..


Windstyle has positioned itself for years as an efficient and dynamic partner for the development of projects. Over time, the satisfaction related to seeing the accomplishment of different projects has been immense; projects have taken shape and become well-established realities, thanks to the close cooperation with the creator, support during the development phases and the creative approach to “problem solving”. Anyone, even those not related to the sector, can have good ideas; in the process of transforming into tangible reality they acquire value and nurture themselves if those who participate in their development have a constructive approach and contribute value; proud to have been one of the players whose good work has contributed to realizing outstanding products, I offer the reader my support, expertise and imagination to achieve their goals.