Projects and Services

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A service called Logbox is available to all clients with whom ongoing internal and external consulting relationships are established.


Fully transparent backup and load balancing solutions are provided for clients with internal mail server….


Cutting-edge Anti-spam and Antivirus filtering solutions are provided which achieve a 98% detection rate..


Since 2010, WINDSTYLE has been actively co-operating on a 24-hour basis with 4 machine servers on the following projects:

Distributed computing is a resource for mankind with which we can all cooperate. It costs nothing and causes no impediments, it helps to improve our life. Check out the link below for further information.
Cooperate through the BoincBAM account : Windstyle

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Evolved Hosting Structure for ISP services. It includes SOA registration of domains with European and worldwide extensions. The web hosting platform based on IIS Plus Extension and eOpen Extension, and the e-mail hosting platform are rigorously implemented with the highest filtering and security protocols, including standards like SPF, DKIM, PTR, SSL. Contact us for more details. It is possible to implement personalized solutions because it is a directly owned hosting structure.

Since 2014, Windstyle has been co-operating with Ant@res to develop the security solution called "Protocol Ant@res”. Solution based on 3-way asymmetric encryption with the purpose of making the same “legally compliant”