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Anti-spam and Antivirus technology, based on the renowned Watchguard filtering system, works by filtering mail and directing the harmful content to a separate archive at Windstyle, called Quarantine Server. Consequently, mail containing malicious or deceptive content is not delivered to the client with subject or other modified (as it happens with 90% of anti-spam software), but sent directly to an alternative system which stores it. This system sends a summary of the diverted mail to the mail addresses of the recipients. It contains the key information to identify if a given message is of interest to the user, or spam. For correctly filtered messages, policies are put in place so that if the message is not “released” within 60 days, it is eliminated. For erroneously filtered messages, a convenient button is available on the web interface for each message, to reset the normal recipient. Acting as a conditional Relay, this service is also convenient for all those clients who use POP3 connectors to receive mail on the internal server. These are no longer necessary since the WINDSTYLE server directly and in real time diverts any mail considered safe to the internal server. Service configuration is totally independent and transparent. The only configuration which must be provided by the client is the insertion of another MX record inside their domain (refer to own support team for clarifications on MX records). The system is managed through conditional forwarding queues, no other client mail or data is kept at the system for more than the essential time required to deliver it. The service cannot be used in conjunction with the mail backup or mail balancing service.

Costo del servizio 30 Euro/Mese + IVA.
Costo iniziale di 3 Ore/Lavoro secondo contratto di fornitura del cliente.

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