WINDSTYLE: Computer and Systems Engineering

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Introduction to Windstyle

business consultant in I.T. and system administration.

I can rely on many years of experience and ongoing development in the sector. The added value I can offer is my ability to contribute new and innovative solutions for logistics, organization and business scalability, a must-have for the companies I have worked with. In addition to my aptitude for analysis and synthesis of issues, my professional approach is focused on developing the relationship with the Client.

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The purpose of this website is to make myself known as both a professional and an individual.

I am grateful to all those companies which have given me the opportunity to develop with them; today I feel ready to share the expertise acquired in the workplace with other business realities. I am available to working with both small enterprises and large corporations. I thank the reader for dedicating their time to reading these few lines and invite those interested in knowing more to visit the different parts of the website.

Human rapport is essential for fruitful cooperation.

Giulio Molinari, Sistemista senior