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Fully transparent backup and load balancing solutions are provided for clients with internal mail server. Complementary backup systems are provided rather than mail hosting. These are able to receive the mail addressed to the client in the event of temporary unavailability of the main server for any reason. The system stores the mail and attempts to forward it to the main server for a time greater than the normal timeout of server queues. The same system can also be used for load balancing in all situations where there is an internal mail server which is directly published, but not supported by HDSL connectivity. Service configuration is totally independent and transparent. The only configuration which must be provided by the client is the insertion of another MX record inside their domain (refer to own support team for clarifications on MX records). The system is managed through conditional forwarding queues, no other client mail or data is kept at the system for more than the essential time required to deliver it.

Costo del servizio 120 Euro / Anno + IVA. Costo iniziale di 3 Ore / Lavoro secondo contratto di fornitura del cliente.

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Giulio Molinari, Sistemista senior